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Don't miss your chance to buy at a low price! Spare parts in stock Axle Identification. Axle Identification is extremely important. If you are looking for a quote on a Dexter, or AL-KO / Hayes Axle. then it is important to give us the Axle Serial Numbers. This will make the quoting process fast and easy. There are no available products under this category There are various types of AL-KO chassis available for motorhomes, the chassis type, axle type and maximum axle load which can be found on the vehicles vin number plate. It is also important to establish if you have a normal or wide axle. Please view below for illustrations of the two types of axles. Normal Axle=103 - 113 mm Wide Axle=143 - 153 m

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September 2014 in Trailer & Towing. I think I finally found the correct part numbers for the bearings and other replacement parts for my AL-KO Axle. I crawled under the T@B and got the axle part number and serial number which I sent by email to AL-KO. This was located on a sticker in the center of the axle (not real easy to get to) ALKO AXLE RESOURCE Axles. AL-KO boasts a broad range of axles for braked and unbraked trailers. The components are optimally adapted to the intended use and weight range. The axles thus offer the highest possible standard of safety and comfort Al-Ko Trailer Axles. The Oem Parts Store offers a full line Alko trailer axles in any size your needing. If your not finding the Al-Ko trailer axle your needing, just give us a call with the size and demensions your needing. Axles available in 10,000lb., 12,000 lb., and 16,000lb. running gear assemblies. We carry general duty and heavy duty axles You can search the website and catalogue for AL-KO parts either by typing the part number, model number or the AL-KO article number of the machine directly into the search box located at the top of every page. If you cannot find the part you are looking for that way you will need to complete a PARTS ENQUIRY with all the machine details

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Detta AL-KO-affärsområde har ingen filial i ert land. Vänd dig till följande adress, om du har frågor: AL-KO THERM GMBH Hauptstrasse 248 - 250 89343 Jettingen-Scheppach Germany Fon: +49 8225 39-0 Fax: +49 8225 39- 2113 klima.technik@al-ko.d Brake Assembly - 12-1/4 X 3-1/2 Left Hand For 9-12,000 LB AL-KO Axles $ 369.95; Brake Assembly - 12-1/4 X 3-1/2 Right Hand For 9-12,000 LB AL-KO Axles $ 369.95; Oil Cap for 10-16k Al-Ko & Hayes Axle $ 33.95; Oil Cap, Rubber Insert Plug for 10k and 12k Screw In Style (1-1/4 Hole) $ 5.9 1100 -2200 Lbs. Capacity AXLE. 2300 - 3500 Lbs Capacity Axle. 3600 - 6000 Lbs. Capacity Axle. 5500 - 7000 Lbs. Capacity Axle. 7200 Lbs. Capacity Axle. 8000 Lbs Capacity Axle. 9K - 15K HD Utility Axle. 22.5-27.5K HD D200 Series. For the Axles 22.5-27.5K HD D200 Series We Do Not Have Stocking Warehouses In the Extraction Technology division, the AL-KO product portfolio ranges from mobile extraction units for flexible use near individual machinery in production halls through to stationary extraction units for multiple workstations at the same time. We combat swarf and dust, welding fumes and paint mist and safeguard your health If there ever is a need to find the axle number then read the manual for the location. On this axle it is where we are showing you. It may come in handy but.

AL-KO; AL-KO Spares, Parts & Accessories. If you are looking for genuine AL-KO spares, parts and accessories, look no further. We have a huge range available. If you don't know the manufacturer's part number, don't worry, we can help you try to find it using our interactive machine diagrams. AL-KO Parts By Machine Find Yours Fig 8 Rebound or Free Position Fig 7 Spare Part Identification Number The AL-KO rubber suspension axle has been designed & developed to suit all types of road conditions and is maintenance free. Three rubber elements are contained within an hexagonal axle tube Oil Cap for 10-16k Al-Ko & Hayes Axle $ 33.95; Oil Cap Kit (Screw-On) for 7K-8K Axles-1987 & Newer AL-KO/Hayes $ 34.95 $ 29.95 SALE; Replacement Magnet for 10 x 2-1/4 lb Electric Brake Assemblies $ 21.95; Replacement Magnet for AL-KO/Hayes 9,000 lb- 12,000 lb Axles $ 74.9 AL-KO International Pty Ltd manufactures, markets and distributes a comprehensive range of products for the trailer, caravan and RV markets in Australia and New Zealand. The company is best known for its high quality running gear range, including axles, brakes and suspension products AL-KO offers superb chassis technology, drawbars, overrun devices, axles for braked and unbraked trailers and more! All AL-KO components are characterised by exceptional durability, perfect handling and the maximum ease of maintenance. Trailers main catalogue

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necessary use the AL-KO Side Lif t Jack or 2-Tonne Jack system. NOTE: It is essential that the car & caravan are hitched together before commencing jacking. All AL-KO chassis from 1992 onwards have 2 holes punched in the chassis members, each side (rear of the axle); to accept the bracket s for the Jack(s). (See Accessory Price List) AL-KO axle system Overhang Version A1 GA max. 750 kg permitted max. nose load 75 kg EC-Test Number: e1 00-0914 Ball coupling Type AK 7 Your Advantage l safety indicator in serial. AL-KO IRS Half Axle Pairs Galvanised - Bare - Order Hubs and Brakes seperately. The AL-KO I.R.S. axle uses simple and effective engineering. The hexagonal axle tube houses three rubber elements held in place by a triple fluted inner tube The serial number is identical to the product's hardware address (MAC address) and can be written in the format 00408c1a2b3c, accc8e1a2b3c, 00:40:8c:1a:2b:3c or acc:cc:8e:1a:2b:3c. How to find the Serial Number (S/N)

Light Duty 600-8K Complete Catalog (LIT-122-00) Light Duty 600-1,000 Capacity. Light Duty 1,000-2,200 Capacity. Light Duty 2,300-4,000 Capacity. Light Duty 4,100-6,000 Capacity. Light Duty 5,500-7,000 Capacity. Light Duty 7,200 Capacity. Light Duty 8,000 Capacity. Light Duty Suspension Components The worlds leading axle for ride comfort and longevity - The AL-KO IRS. Used in most Towed Vehicle applications, the patented AL-KO designed IRS axles are wo..

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When our own PCv points out there is a Bailey /Al-ko axle problem, it is a problem that needs resolution. My own MTPLM is 1679kgs. Each of the two axles is rated at 1000kgs. Most failures are dismissed by Bailey as overloading or road damage. I'd have to go someday to overload AL-KO Hub & stub wheel kits. AL-KO Hub Stub & Bearing Axle Kit - 1500kg LM - 39mm Dia Axle [153937PLNZ Since 1931, AL-KO Kober have been manufacturing premium, high quality components used in the Automotive, Commercial and Leisure industries. Quality For Life . represents the core value of the organisation across the extensive ran • Axle Model Identification, Part Number and Serial Number are located on a tag at the axle centerline. This information will help to locate information in this book and to identify the correct parts for servicing. Drive Axles 1 - Country or origin 2 - Axle model identification 3 - Specification number assigned to the axle built by Spicer

Hutch 7700/9700 Maintenance Procedues. Before November 2010, trailer axle product ID tags were made of mylar and located near the center of the axle. This trailer has Dexter axles with electric/hydraulic brakes. If you are looking for a quote on a Dexter, or AL-KO / Hayes Axle then it is important to give us the Axle Serial Numbers The AL-KO Secure Wheel lock has proven itself year after year to be a superb caravan security device. Available as a standard fitment to many 2006 caravans onwards the AL-KO Secure Wheel Lock has been tested to Diamond standard from SOLD Secure and is the only product on the market with this level of security Stamp meaning, they branded the axle housing with a number just like you brand cattle. The number is part of the housing now, not attached to it with a sticker or tag. Some vehicles also had a small military dog tag bolted attached to one of the rear end bolts, but most of the time those fell of or where taken off over the years and not reinstalled On the circular end plate of the motor you will find your Powrtouch serial number either on a sticker or a number etched into the metalwork. Original Powrtouch Models The first digit indicates the model number (see below), the second series of digits are a sequential number unique to your Powrtouch and enables us to tell the age of the mover

You should see the part number stamped on the casing, sometimes also a date. Some early TR4 axles appear to have a serial number stamped on the CT etc but not all. Factory axles are usually stamped in such a way relating yo the car, and in particular axles prepared by the comps department have a unique identifier on the top flange AL-KO / Hayes HD 10,000 lb & 12,000 lb hydraulic disc brake coined rotor and hub Standard rotor/hub for any PJ with AL-KO 10K / 12K hydraulic disc brake axles - 8 bolt Pattern on 6.5 Circle - 5/8 Studs - 4.88 pilot - Fits any AL-KO axle with 120 spindle - Fits both LH/RH side of your trailer - Races are pressed i I'm looking at my Al-Ko handbook to ascertain which grease I need for the axle. It says that you should use RETINAX LX2 for 'BT axles' and STABUTHERM for 'BTR axles'. I just wondered what the difference between the BT and BTR axles were? I can't find any other reference to the two types anywhere else in the handbook

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  1. - Serial plate details off front/back of axle beam To calculate your PCD measurement, measure the distance between the two adjacent studs. Enter this measurement in the box below, specify the number of studs, and click Submit
  2. AL-KO 1637 Brake Shoe Axle Set 160 x 37mm Fits Post 1994 £94.74 $130.01 105,81 € £78.95 $130.01 88,17 € (ex. VAT) (ex. VAT) (inc. VAT) (inc. VAT) Buy View
  3. al ko Will it fit? Please choose a manufacturer: -- Please Select -- ABI Adria Autosleeper Autotrail Avondale Bailey Burstner Chateau Coachman Cristall Dethleffs Elddis Fendt Fleetwood Geist Gobur Hymer Kip Knaus Lunar Stealth Swift Trigano Vanmaste

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  1. Welcome to the AL-KO spare part identification and ordering system! Country: Austria Austria Export Czech Republic Estonia France Germany Hungary Italy Latvia Lithuania Poland Russia Slovakia Ukraine United Kingdo
  2. X X X X X X [serial # starting at 101] CLARK 196385 FRT, 196388 RR (M10K) 22° STEER-LOW PRES. BRK-19.31:1 R30BP121-5 FRT, R30BP122-11 RR SPICER PS1350 (644, 844) ROCKWELL H-262 FRT (1522) HURTH 172 W / FLUID (522-4 Power Assist) HURTH 174 W / FLUID (622-4 Power Assist) HURTH 174 W / STD RR (622
  3. Al-Ko. Contact Us. Shopping Cart (0) Help Me Find My Hitch... Years. Toggle navigation Menu Trailer Parts & Accessories Al-Ko 8 on 6.5in Hub & Drum Kit For 9-12K Al-ko/Hayes Axles 9080568UC3. Price: $931.01. Al-Ko Front Hanger 2.5in Wide Spring A7417. Price: $69.88
  4. Serial Numbers are an important piece of information to keep a record of for your IMT axle. Whether you are the original purchaser or an end user, it is always helpful to record the serial numbers of your axles and keep them organized for future reference. Having your serial number is the single best way
  5. Get the best deals on AL-KO Trailer Parts. Shop with Afterpay on eligible items. Free delivery and returns on eBay Plus items for Plus members. Shop today
  6. I have a 2003 24 ft exiss stock trailer alum,trailer 14000 lbs,plate says it has ( 2) 6000 lb axles you would think they should be 7000 lbs,they are dexter torflex and the axle is so rusted and pitted there is no number.I have called every mfg exiss,dexter etc all say just measure and be careful you may get the wrong axles( what a system) any suggestions,ideals,or what axle goes under this.

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account number:_____ customer name:_____ address:_____ _____ phone number: (_____)_____-____ Replacement locking parts for AL-KO Secure This is a replacement box of locking components for AL-KO Secure Wheel Locks. It is vital that you register your lock with the enclosed registration card. Failure to do so will prevent us f

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The front-axle serial number plate (A) is located on the right rear side of the axle housing. Front Axle Serial Number . PY80265,05H2208 -19-02JUN06-1/1. Leaf Spring Axles AL-KO Axis, Inc. (AL-KO) is a major supplier to the light trailer industry. Our axles, brakes, hubs and drums are in operation around the world, helping trailers tow smoothly and stop safely. Our product line is the result of years of advanced engineering in the United States as wel Serial Number Range GTH-644 from GTH0606A-8418 to GTH0610A-14000 GTH-644 GTH-842 GTH-644 from GTH0606B-6271 to GTH0610B-14000 GTH-844 GTH-842 from GTH0806A-8418 0400 Front and Rear Axle Components 401.1 Axle Gear Box and Covers, Front and Rear Axle.....60 402.1 Differential Assembly, Front Axle. Recording Your Model(s) / Serial Number(s) Please utilize Table 1-1 to record the Model(s) and Serial Number(s) of your suspensions / axles for future reference to help identify such equipment when contacting Hendrickson Specialty Products - Auxiliary Lift Axle Systems . This information is necessary for warranty and/or customer service needs Dexter, the leading designer and manufacturer of trailer axles, brakes and related components in North America, has agreed to acquire AL-KO Vehicle Technology (VT) from AL-KO Kober SE. The combination of the two companies, to be named DexKo Global Inc., will create the global leader in trailer axle and chassis supply with sales approaching nearly $1 billion

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general info: quantity_____capacity_____ hub face length_____ outside bracket length_____ inside bracket length_____ bracket orientation Serial Number Range S-80 from SN 966 to 3081 S-85 Part No. 65615 Rev E41 November 201 For a triple axle, see TI Sheet: TI-115. How is Equa-Flex® installed? See the Equa-Flex OEM Install Manua. How should an axle mount to a unit? See TI Sheet: TI-073. What are the maintenance instructions? See TI Sheet: TI-081. See TI Sheet: TI-082. 10K-12K Axle Lin At Mowers Online we only stock genuine replacement AL-KO Parts. Sort By: AL-KO Power Flex Battery 42v 7.5Ah 127390. £403.80 . LEARN MORE Add to Cart. AL-KO Tractor Deck Shell 102cm 46129601. £401.26 . LEARN MORE Add to Cart. AL-KO T16-92.7HD Tractor 92cm Deck Shell. Before you know how to find axle ratio Dodge Ram 1500, you have to learn what axle ratio is. The number of the revolution that the driveshaft requires to make for spinning the axle one complete turn is called the axle ratio

This manual contains information about axle assemblies, attaching parts, electric brakes, hydraulic drum brakes, hydraulic disc brakes and air brakes. 16K Air Brake (Axle Assembly) 10K General Duty (Axle Assembly) Hub/Drum and Hydraulic Brake AL-KO Kober Corporation is a major supplier to the trailer industry Make sure this fits by entering your model number. Fits AL-KO 10-12K Axles (#120 Spindle) with Electric or Hydraulic Brakes Drum Size: 12-1/4 x 3-1/2 Part # 008-490-09 8-5/8 Lugs 4.88 Hub Pilot Kit Includes Armature Plate & Mounting Bolts › See more product detail SERIAL NO SUSP. NO Figure 1. The Suspension Model (Suspension Number) and date of manufacture (Serial Number) are listed on the Suspension Identification Tag. SUSPENSION IDENTIFICATION The Ridewell Self-Steering (RSS) 2361000 Truck Suspension is a liftable suspension system for field integration with a customer-supplied I-Beam Axle Axle Identification The Spicer front non-drive steering axles are identified with a tag located between the spring pads on the front side of the center beam section. The axle tag contains the serial number, the model number, and the assembly number. Axle Assembly Tag E Family EFA Family I Family Julian Date Code 1 - Tag 1 - Dana Part Number The infamous 9N rear smooth axle (left) was replaced by a stronger 2 piece riveted axle hub around serial number 9N41500. The smooth axles are coveted by collectors today. A wider 10x28 rear tire and wheel was offered as an option to replace the standard 8x32 inch rear tires


  1. The front axle serial number plate (A) is located on the rear side of the right-hand axle housing. Front Axle Serial Number . LV,5400NI,A4 -19-30MAY96-1/1.
  2. Serial Number Location of Units Used On IH Vehicles. Service SLM74-12 March 29, 1974 The following information has been prepared to assist field personnel in locating FRONT AXLES DRIVING FIG. Serial Number and/or Part Nurnber Location Key Part Number and Date Stamped on Left Side of Housin
  3. ent rear differential for GM muscle cars since its debut in 1965. However, the smaller 10-bolt unfairly gained the reputation as a weak
  4. When entering a serial number, the new Part Finder automatically takes the respective axle specification at the time of delivery into account and displays the suitable JOST original spare parts. It is also possible to search for specific JOST original spare parts, or to search using the JOST spare parts number, the Mercedes-Benz article number or by product descriptions
  5. Genuine AL-KO 2361 brake shoe axle kit . £129.95 £108.29. Add to Basket. Add to Compare. AL-KO brake equalizer, single axle, fabricated . £4.97 £4.14. Add to Basket. Add to Compare. AL-KO tandem axle brake equalizer . £24.84 £20.70. Add to Basket. Add to Compare. AL-KO brake actuator lever for.
  6. Single axle: 901-1350kg Tandem: 1601-2700kg; Colour coded for easy identification; For unparalleled levels of comfort and assurance AL-KO has created the Octagon Shock Absorber range. A selection of four, colour coded devices provides the optimum level of support and damping for your trailer or caravan
  7. The Dana/Spicer Model 60 is an automotive axle manufactured by Dana Holding Corporation and used in OEM pickup and limited passenger car applications by Chevrolet, Dodge, Chrysler, Jeep, Ford and Land Rover.There are front and rear versions of the Dana 60. It can be readily identified by its straight axle tubes, 10 bolt asymmetrical cover, and a 60 cast in to the housing

Serial Numbers of MB/GPW and other models. WWII Military Jeep Website, Restoring 1941 1945 Willys MB, Ford GPW, 4x4 Army Jeeps Up to serial number 2080 (60500 US), the machine was named L150. After that, a generation change was made and the machine was renamed L150C. The machine could be fitted with either a standard engine (TD 102 GC), or a low emission engine (TD 102 KCE). During the production years, the rear and front axles were changed, as was the transmission We hereby declare that this product in the version introduced into trade by us, complies with the requi- rements of the harmonised EU Directives, EU safety standards and the product-specific standards. Product Type Serial number AL-KO manoeuvring system AMS2 Mammut F100940008 Manufacturer EU Directives..

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If memory serves, and at my age that's a sometime thing, the defective axles were tracked by serial number sequence. you may want to call Al-Ko and find out. Be sure to have your S/Ns handy. 2001 F250 7.3L PSD, air lifts, 4 pipes, 6637 mod, Husky sliderhitc Max. number of beds (Note: H142) 3 4 4 6 BODY 152589 AL-KO AAA Premium Brake 152834 Mono-axle (Dependent on layout) 151110 Support wheel with integrated support load display 151372 Spare tyre 15'' steel rim with serial tyres (Dependency: ABH6095, ABH6025) 21 - -. Axle Inc. Has been a distributor of AL-KO Kober & Hayes axles for over 20 years. We are proud to annonuce we are now a Dexter Axle distributor as well. We offer the superior quality of USA made axles & parts from the largest axle manufacutor in the US - Dexter Axle I have actually got a serial number on the axle Geoff, it's stamped into the 'flat' part, that attaches to the wheel stays on the frame. Too late to g Rogers conversion axle identification / frame logos - Page 2 - on3wheel

This answer applies to Tow-Pro™ Elite products with a serial number of #16060749 (June 2016) or later. The Tow-Pro™ Elite will check for shorts on the trailer wiring. A cold 55W bulb has an initial inrush current as it first warms up that exceeds the trip point, and the Tow-Pro™ Elite will see this as an intermittent wiring short Shop Now. Dexter is recognized as a progressive industry leader with nationwide availability and an international distribution network. Dexter currently produces quality products in manufacturing facilities across the US and Canada that employ state-of-the-art robotics, precision welding equipment, and automated machining processes Komatsu WB156-5 WB156PS-5 Backhoe Loader Operation & Maintenance Manual A63001, A73001 and u

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Aluminum Oil Cap for 6-8K Axles, Valcrum $ 42.99 $ 39.99 SALE Aluminum Oil Cap for 10-16K Axles, Valcrum $ 52.99 $ 49.99 SALE 6 Oval LED Surface Mount Stop Turn Tail and Backup Light $ 19.9 AL-KO chassis with trailing arm axle (Dependent on layout) Mono-axle: Stand fixation with crank supports: Hydraulic wheel shock absorbers: 5-point wheel mounting: Automatic reverse drive: Servo-assisted handbrake: Load increase to 1,100 kg (1,350 kg chassis) (Note: H81) 14 standard wheels: Steel rims 14 (Dependency: ABH9065

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Masport President 500 ST S16.5 123cc 4 Stroke AL-Ko Engine, 565824 565824. AUD349.00. Quickview. Qty. Add to Cart. Add to Wish List Add to Compare. Masport Lawn Mower Pro Power AL S19 850 IC SP 2'n1 190cc Briggs & Stratton Engine, 565828 565828. AUD1,049.00. Quickview. Qty. Add to Cart. Add to Wish. Has AL-KO galvanised chassis, independent rubber suspension axle, shock absorbers, over-run braking system, anti-sway coupling and impact resistant ABS. This van tows an absolute dream. Serial Number ZY1SD40AMJPH07524 Cabin Air Conditioning Ducted Stereo. Carburetor for Onan Cummins A042P619, RV Generator 2-Wire Engine Repair Kit. It is your responsibility to confirm this is the correct product for your application. Before processing a product for warranty, it must be verified as the correct part by the OEM part number(s) and/or model number(s) AXLES & COMPONENTS. AXLeS & COMPONENTS Tubular Axle Overhang Differences BRAKE MAXIMUM. TS20 9.3 10.75 15 SS20 10.75 10.75 15 SD2

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We appreciate your business and want you to be satisfied with your order. | Dexter Axle C DEXTER TRAILER AXLES, BRAKES & SUSPENSION PARTS. Since 1960, Dexter has built a strong reputation as a progressive industry leader. They are an engineering driven company dedicated to helping you remain safe and road ready. Over the past 50 years, OEMs have installed more than 45 million Dexter Axles If you are selling a caravan or motorhome - Never part with your caravan until the money has cleared, this includes building society cheques and bank drafts, which can be forged or stolen.; If you are buying a caravan or motorhome - Don't buy caravans or motorhomes in . Sleepsafe compact battery window alarm. pub car parks or motorway service stations Details about (10) New BLACK RUBBER GREASE PLUG Hub Dust Caps for AL-KO Trailer Camper RV Axle (10) New BLACK RUBBER GREASE PLUG Hub Dust Caps for AL-KO Trailer Camper RV Axle. Item information. Spec and/or Type Number. Code and/or Serial Number. Year. Engine Horsepower. Returns; Returns

TrailerParts.com offers great value for trailer parts, including boat trailers, plows, brakes, electrical, and more with outstanding customer service Al-ko brakes were fitted to all models before September 1992. These trailers have black hub-caps with the Ifor Williams factory address and 0490 phone number but no logo. If you are not sure what brakes or brake cables you require please give us a call on 01772 600395 for our expert advice Height) AL- KO T1586 2 Running gear (Fixed Height) AL- KO T1495 3 Running gear (Fixed The serial number of the unit as shown on the Compressor Data Plate. 3. 92771963 1 Axle tube assembly 30 92771971 1 Tube, axle 31 92771989 2 Screw 32 92771997 2 Nu

Get the best deals on Lawn Mower Parts. Shop with Afterpay on eligible items. Free delivery and returns on eBay Plus items for Plus members. Shop today 2011 AL-KO Power Unit 300÷-3540 CFM÷-11 13/16 Intake Diameter÷-3 Phase 240 Volt÷-10 HP Blower Motor÷-On Board fire extinguisher÷-Automatic filter cleaning with pneumatic pulse jets÷-Lower rotary airlock valve that requires a transfer blower to transfer chips to dumpster÷-Variable Frequency Drive÷-Programmable Logic Control to hook up to auto blast gates÷-This is a quiet indoor unit. Number of beds Wide gauge safety chassis with axle shock absorber AL-KO smooth running chassis, fully galvanised Stabiliser safety coupling AL-KO AAA Premium Brake AL-KO Trailer Control-ATC Spare tyre 15'' steel rim with serial tyres (Dependency: ABH6183, ABH6025) 2

Al-KO Drum Auto Reversing Type GVM 1310 KGs Tare 910 KGs ATM 1300 KGs Tow Ball Weight 91 KGs Registration T09263 Axle Configuration Single Axle Rego Expiry 1/06/2021 Seating Capacity 4 Seats Sleeping Capacity 4 People Serial Number 2580418 Cabin Air Conditioning no GPS n Serial Number: F076008 2015 MF7620 EFD6 Efficient 4WD Tractor Dyna 6, 50 kpn, Suspended Axle & HP Brakes, Pnue & Hydr Trailer Brakes, 650/65R42 & 540/65R30 Updated: Wed, March 24, 2021 9:06 A Genuine Ifor Williams trailer parts and accessories available for purchase in our online shop, we are the largest stockist of Ifor Williams parts and accessories and any purchase made before 1.00 are guaranteed for same day dispatch Number of power sockets 230 V 5: 60 x 181: Standard Equipment Chassis / Load increase. Wide gauge safety chassis with axle shock absorber ; AL-KO smooth running chassis, fully galvanised; Stabiliser safety coupling; AL-KO AAA Premium Brake; Mono-axle Spare tyre alloy rim with serial tyres (Dependency: ABH6099,.

Before processing a product for warranty, it must be verified as the correct part by the OEM part number(s) and/or model number(s). (8) New BLACK RUBBER GREASE PLUG Hub Dust Caps for AL-KO Trailer Camper RV Axle | eBa Application Serial Number: 10/810,236 . 5. (original) The material dispense pump ofclaim 1 wherein the pump body heater comprises a heater and a temperature monitoring device and further comprising a pump body heater controller for controlling the temperature ofthe pump body in response to a signal received from the temperature monitoring. This would testify to our claim that Simplicity Axles ™ are specifically designed to withstand severe Australian conditions. Spare parts for Simplicity Axles are available by quoting the specific serial number of your axle. Tip: Apply a little grease onto the seal journal to help prevent lip burn Al-Ko Brakes (all sizes), Brake Assemblies, Spare Shoes, Springs and Spares 33 F0940S Setscrew M12. ixes x backplate to axle stub per side. P00051 Steady spring. x brake, holds the shoe against the the serial number - we can help! TYPE 1 CABL Before processing a product for warranty, it must be verified as the correct part by the OEM part number(s) and/or model number(s). (2) New BLACK RUBBER GREASE PLUG Hub Dust Caps for AL-KO Trailer Camper RV Axle | eBa

Learn how to do just about everything at eHow. Find expert advice along with How To videos and articles, including instructions on how to make, cook, grow, or do almost anything AL-KO 10 electric on both axles and breakaway system GVM 3,450 kg ATM 3,450 Serial Number TH346 Cabin Air Conditioning Reverse Seller's phone number View Location . Eddie Wodonga, VIC 3690. Safer buying tips. TK Axles + 3.5k-3500 Lb Capacity Trailer Idler Straight Axle - 5 on 4.5 Bolt Pattern (Assembled Idler Axle, 73 Hubface-58 Spring Center(5'0Frame) KRONE BigPack1290HDPIIYr.2017 Bale Count 35,983, 620/55 R26.5 tyres, Steer Axle, K80 Ball, Weigher, Moisture. £110,000 Bale Count 35,983 Hydraulic parking jack KRONE VFS (Variable Filling System) ensure even filling of the bale chamber HDP bale channel for the best bale shape and highest b.. Number of beds Wide gauge safety chassis with axle shock absorber ; AL-KO smooth running chassis, fully galvanised; Stabiliser safety coupling; AL-KO AAA Premium Brake; Mono-axle (Dependent on layout) Spare tyre alloy rim with serial tyres (Dependency: ABH6099, ABH6025)** 2

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