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Shop Keyboards & Synthesizers At GAK Now. Free Next Day Delivery On 1000s Of Items. From Beginners To Professional Musicians, We Have All The Equipment You'll Need Save on Waldorf Pulse 2 A Waldorf Pulse 2 analog synth patch using only one oscillator. This is a single saw wave (enveloped, with resonance) arpeggiated at @ 140 bmp, ranging from 1/2 notes thru 1/32nd triplets-- triggered by an Akai Mpk 261 midi controller. Reverb & Delay by Yamaha and Cubase

Create a SoundCloud account. Sound sample of the Waldorf Pulse 2. Reverb and Delay by Cubase 8. Check out other classic and unexpected analog sounds at the Synth Sound Library, expanding weekly: soundcloud.com/matt-byron-2/sets/synth-sounds-library. Show more A few of my favorite sounds from Waldorf Pulse - great analog synth. Some people complain about not enough analog sound from this synth, but I think it can s.. The original Pulse was rightfully revered for its raw power, but the Pulse 2 sounds better in every department. It's sweeter one moment, infinitely nastier the next and with its extensive programmability, paraphony and funky arpeggiator, is as versatile as it is portable Waldorf Pulse 2 -- POLYPHONIC = Paraphonic + Unisono Sounds - YouTube Waldorf Pulse 2 Soundsets, Patch Banks and Resources. Waldorf Pulse 2 Patch Librarian and Editor: https://www.amitszone.com/products/pulse2l/. MiksaMusic Waldorf Pulse 2 Sound Bank - Volume 1. 40 patches for electronic music production, like chill, ambient, house, dance, trance and progressive

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I've had the Pulse 2 for a while and i've noticed a static type noise on pressing notes, almost sounds like radio interference or ground hum, anyone notice this... Waldorf Pulse 2 static sound. - Waldorf Music Foru As an all-new, all-analogue synthesizer design, Pulse 2 flawlessly delivers exactly what synth connoisseurs around the world have been truly craving for quite some time — three analogue oscillators living in perfect harmony with a VCF (VoltageControlled Filter), yet we did not stop there: the fresh filter circuits in the Pulse 2 now offer 12dB Highpass and Bandpass modes in addition to 24dB/12dB Lowpass for strengthened sound-sculpting flexibility, while we added analogue Filter FM, two. But I've got nothing but love for the Pulse 2. It sounds great and doesn't sound exactly like a Moog or a Roland SH-101.. which is nice for a change. It's a beast, and I've really enjoyed using it over the last 6 or 7 months. Also the size is perfect for a smallish setup So, I bought my first analog. I purchased the Waldorf Pulse 2 at an amazing price. I'm very excited to get my hands on it and try it out, it sounds really fat, but capable of lots of other styles too. I think it's going to be a great tool for me. I have some thoughts I'd like to discuss, though New Sounds For Waldorf Pulse 2 Latest set from miksamusic delivers 40 presets 27/03/20 Miksamusic has released a second soundbank for the Waldorf Pulse 2 analog synthesiser. A spokesperson told us, This new soundset contains another 40 high quality presets for this amazing and powerful analog synthesizer

Get the soundset here: https://www.miksamusic.com/store40 high quality patches for Waldorf Pulse 2 analog synthesiser. The demonstration shows only single pr.. Overall, the Pulse 2 has plenty of variety to offer and a large on-board patch pool to get you started with. The matrix method or programming is not quite as much fun as messing around with a full panel of knobs, but trimming things down did allow Waldorf to keep the size of the Pulse 2 compact. The Pulse 2 also sounds a lot better than its predecessors and it is still worth a look

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I can also recommend the Pulse 2 software editor by SynnyS. I've been using the max4live version and it works well. It has a randomize/mutate function, makes it easy to setup modulation tracks in Live, gives a good patch overview as well as making it possible to map whatever controllers you're using in live so you can twist the envelopes at the same time as the filter, not possible with the Waldorf matrix dials alone The Waldorf Pulse 2 package comes complete with: • the Waldorf Pulse 2 Synthesizer • an external power supply with 12V / 500mA • a printed Quick Start manual Please ensure all the items above were included. If something is missing, contact your local dealer. We recommend that you save the original packing ma Waldorf Pulse 2 Desktop Analog Synthesizer + Neuwertig + OVP + 1,5J Garantie ($545.23) WALDORF - PULSE 2 ($427.33) Waldorf Pulse 2 Desktop Analog Mono Synth ($799.99) Waldorf Pulse 2 Desktop Analog Synthesizer + Neuwertig + 2 Jahre Garantie ($520.45) Waldorf Pulse 2 2016 ($600) Waldorf Pulse 2 ($499) Waldorf Pulse 2 ($668.54 The first time we fired up the Pulse 2 we were immediately struck by how bright and lively it sounds. The resonant oscillators give out a far more aggressive and clinical sound than something like a Moog, but that's not to say it's a bad thing. It's still a beautiful and rich analogue sound, just more refined and controlled

Waldorf Pulse 2 -- Playing +100 Factory Presets 001-109//Part1 - YouTube. Inform Jeff (:6s) | Intel. Watch later Plus the two loopable envelopes (you can use them as pseudo LFOs) are very snappy, so the Pulse 2 excels at cutting Moog-style basses and punchy drum sounds too. In fact, we were able to make some of the punchiest drums sounds we've ever made on an analogue synth, using the envelopes, VCA drive, filter resonance (for the kick) and noise for the snare Buy a Waldorf Pulse 2 Here: https://www.perfectcircuit.com/waldorf-pulse-2.htmlThis is a quick demo of the sound and synthesis capabilities of the Waldorf Pu.. Though Pulse 2 has large LCD, we can see only too big patch number and small patch name in most situation. Sound on Sound reviewer Paul Nagle wrote Display woefully under-used. Pulse 2's sound is nice. Compared with cheaper Waldorf Rocket which is not versatile with limited controles, Pulse 2 is a fully programable, well-done modern mono synth The Pulse 2 is more controlled and focused sounding than the Pulse 1. It's a tad too bright and fizzy IMO. So if you really want to get as close to a Moog sound as possible (without buying a Moog,) the Pulse 1 is probably the way to go. But the Pulse 2, with its brighter and cleaner sound, maybe sits better with softsynths

Sounds of the Waldorf Pulse 2 (Vol

Overall impressions with the Pulse 2 are that its oscillators are excellent, its filter and LFOs excellent, but its factory presents leave much to be desired. The analog sound is fat - it just needs better presets. No worries, there's always some kind and creative soul out there willing to create better ones and sell them for pennies PULSation - EFXs - (Waldorf Pulse/Pulse+/Pulse 2) Product Description Original collection of analog sound effects (squelches, drones, etc.). These sound effect The most complex soundware ever made for the Waldorf Pulse/Pulse+/Pulse 2 synthesizers. This soundware bundle includes our complete PULSation sound program collections: Techno, Trance, Jungle, House, MM Classics, EFXs, Analog Kicks and Noise FX which contain more than 500 sound programs for an exclusively discounted price

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PULSation - Jungle - (Waldorf Pulse/Pulse+Pulse 2) Product Description Top collection of real jungle bass sounds. Parental advisory -- EXPLICIT BASS ! Frequencie PULSation - Techno - (Waldorf Pulse/Pulse+/Pulse 2) Product Description Special Techno collection containing essential soundware ranging from commercial radi Provocative, powerful, raw and impulsive - one might characterize the Electro Riot collection of sounds. In this pack strong basses meet eccentric leads, arpeggios fuse with loops - and showcase the impressive sound spectrum of new Waldorf Pulse 2

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  1. ating sounds have been severely sought-after by those in the.
  2. 8 Free Presets [PACK 02] EDM for Waldorf Pulse 2 Analog Synthesizer DEMO - all sounds are from this 8 pack. Contents: MY ACID ARP : ARP EURO ARP 3 : ARP ANALOGUE M20 : LEAD LEED : LEAD (Unison) TIGHT KICK : DRUM CL HAT : PERC OPEN HAT: PERC FLAB KICK : DRUM Installation Instructions With Pulse2 L Librarian (Full or Demo Version) G
  3. The Pulse 2 Analog Synthesizer Modulefrom Waldorf features 3 analog oscillators as well as an analog cascading filter. In addition, it has analog filter FM and ring modulation with up to 8 voice chords. You can create a variety of sounds and patterns with the built-in arpeggiator and route your sounds via the 8-slot modulation matrix or tweak the included 500 sound programs
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Stream www.vengeance-sound.com - Soundset - Analog Meltdown Demo (Waldorf Pulse) by Vengeance-Sound from desktop or your mobile devic 40 high quality presets for Waldorf Pulse 2 analogue synthesiser. This soundbank contains massive and powerful sounds for use in any genre o.. Everything tagged MIDI Editor for Waldorf Pulse 2, including VST Plugins, Audio Units, AAX Plugins, Soundware, Sample Packs, Patches and Preset The Waldorf Pulse 2 is an analog subtractive mono synth with 3 oscillators , although somehow it also manages to squeeze up to 8 paraphonic voices (all voices share one VCA/VCF etc). People seem to dig the Waldorf thing, primarily because of their wavetable synthesis. None of that here, just three oscillators and a filter Waldorf pulse 2 Pdf User Manuals. View online or download Waldorf pulse 2 User Manua

Waldorf Pulse 2 -- POLYPHONIC = Paraphonic + Unisono Sound

  1. Miksa Music releases Waldorf Pulse 2 soundset Vol. 2 Miksa Music has announced the release of a second collection of sounds for the Pulse 2 analog synthesizer instrument from Waldorf. This new soundset contains another 40 high quality presets for this amazing and powerfull analog synthesizer
  2. Waldorf was extremely arrogant on proposal to make it in a one box, so I decided not to post how this thing sounds. Officially it sounds boring, bland and it was the worst purchase ever. For same money smart buy would be at least 4-5 modern analog polysynths (used), so I highly recommend not to follow above path
  3. I always felt the Pulse 2 had to be coaxed a bit more to sound big. You'd think with a three oscillator synth that it would do audio rate modulation really well, but I didn't quite like it. The audio rate filter mod on the BS2 sounded much better to me, and I guess that's what kind of clinched it
  4. The Waldorf Pulse 2 springs from royal lineage. Back in the '90s Waldorf's Pulse synth module transformed the world of electronic music. Now back, with even more brute strength, the Pulse 2 is a pure analog synthesizer that delivers what hardcore synth enthusiasts truly crave: gloriously fat, agressive, punchy analog sound - perfect for.

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Waldorf Pulse 2 ($458.30) Waldorf Pulse 2 Analog Synthesizer Module ($799.99) Waldorf Pulse 2 Analog Synth ($469.78) Waldorf Pulse 2 Analog Synthesizer Module, Gator Gmix1515 Bag, Tascam TH02, (2) Midi Cables, (2) 1/4 Cables Bundle ($799.99) Waldorf Pulse 2 Analog Synthesizer Module, Gator GU-1309-06-WPDF Case Bundle ($809.99 Waldorf Pulse is a monophonic, three-oscillator, true analogue, 2HU rack mount synthesizer made by a German company, Waldorf, which has been around since 1996. It has a three-oscillator design, similar to the Minimoog. The oscillators are digitally controlled analogue VCOs, with pulse, saw tooth and triangle waveforms each This Pulse 2 module has served me well, but I've upgraded and no longer have room for it. It's a great little monosynth, with 3 oscillators and is capable of doing eight voice and four voice paraphony. Somehow one of the LEDs broke during my last move (LFO LED), so I've priced it lower than all o.. Beat Magazin has released Electro Riot, a free soundbank for its Zampler player (included) created with sounds recorded from a Waldorf Pulse 2 synthesizer. Electro Riot: 1 GB best of Waldorf Pulse 2! Provocative, powerful, raw and impulsive - this is the Electro Riot collection. In this 1 GB Zampler-Pack you'll find leads, basses, arpeggios, [ Sound Quest's Midi Quest multi-instrument editor/librarian gives you the tools to get the most from your Waldorf Pulse 2. Midi Quest includes all of the standard features you would expect to find in a Pulse 2 Editor Librarian along with unique capabilities found nowhere else

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ABOUT Waldorfs new Pulse 2 has a special pseudo-polyphonic mode - paraphonic sounds are using multiple Oscillators put through ONE filter like on the Korg Poly800, so you can not have all sounds polyphonic but House Chords will work or anything played without retriggering envelopes to be shaped by one filter. that filter is analog, the oscillators are digital Re: Waldorf Pulse 2 Post by James Mandible » Sat Feb 25, 2012 9:48 am Dr. Phibes wrote: Wow, I kinda ignored this when I was perusing the news from NAMM - got caught up in the Minibrute stuff 32 presets for WALDORF PULSE 2 - analogue synthesizer. 100% royalty free! The patches will be sent by e-mail. After you make the payment, the pack is sent via e-mail within max. 8 hours (also check spam) This started as a personal project as I was in need of some patch manager/organizer for my Waldorf Pulse 2 Analog synthesizer, which I had to eventually undertake myself, as I was quite disappointed with the lack of patch management feature set in what so little is available in market for this wonderful little synthesizer.After Completing Basic Librarian, I decided to also add a native Pulse 2. As a reminder: the Waldorf Pulse is a monophonic Synthesizer with three oscillators, a 24 dB lowpass filter with resonance, LFO, and two envelopes. The synth became known mainly because of its somewhat colder, aggressive sound. Not a classic sound like we know from the Minimoog, Pro-One but one with a very distinct sound

Pulse 2 is the reincarnation of it's legendary ancestor, the Waldorf Pulse, that dominated the electronic music of the 90s. Three analog oscillators in combination with a true analog cascading filter is what Pulse and Pulse 2 have in common. But we didn't stop there. The filter circuits now also offer Highpass and Bandpass modes sound, huge, really its strong point. construction is correct and there will still many years, I hope! I use another synthe waldorf, the rackattack which also sounds very hard but that does not heat the analog pulse. I bought 300 euros in hand, I find the quality / price unbeatable for an analo New Waldorf Pulse 2 offered by 12 stores starting at $674.99. Cookies help us improve performance, enhance user experience and deliver our services

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Free UK Delivery on Eligible Order Waldorf Pulse 2: how does it sound? Listen to 24 audio examples for free in MP3 forma 40 high quality presets for Waldorf Pulse 2 analogue synthesiser. This soundbank contains massive and powerful sounds for use in any genre o..

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Zu meinem Gerät habe ich einen Coupon Code für Waldorf Edition 2 LE erhalten, aber der Code lässt sich nicht in myWaldorf einlösen. Wo finde ich die Downloads? Wie kann ich mein Gerät updaten? Pulse2 reagiert nicht mehr und zeigt SYS?MIDI! auf dem Display. Wo finde ich das Menü mit den Einstellungen Pulse 2 är en reinkarnation av dess legendariska förfader, Waldorf Pulse, som dominerade den elektroniska musiken på 90-talet. Tre analoga oscillatorer i kombination med ett äkta analogt Cascade-filter är vad Pulse och Pulse 2 har gemensamt. Men Waldorf slutade inte där. Pulse 2 har även högpass-, lågpass- och bandpassfilter The sound of the pulse 2 in some youtube videos kind of seduced me, and though there are synthesizers that have a wider range of sounds, I ended up going for pulse 2. With the OT's reverb and delay it can do some really nice classic bass sounds

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  1. ated the electronic music of the 90s. VIDEO FEATURES TECH SPECS Waldorf Pulse 2 PRODUCT FEATURES: Three analog oscillators in combination with a true analog cascading filter is what Pulse and Pulse 2 have in common. But we didn't stop there
  2. What's more, all are backwards-compatible with the original Pulse series, so original Pulse owners can quickly transfer their favorite sounds to their new Pulse 2 via MIDI (dump).Thanks to the timely arrival of the Pulse 2 Analog Synthesizer, readily reincarnated ballsy bass tones and legendary leads beyond compare can all be yours with much more besides in a truly 21st Century compact and.
  3. or additional software fX is applied. External drums are added to finish off to a full song
  4. The Pulse 2 Analog Synthesizer Module from Waldorf features 3 analog oscillators as well as an analog cascading filter. In addition, it has analog filter FM and ring modulation with up to 8-voice chords. You can create a variety of sounds and patterns with the built-in arpeggiator and route your sounds via the 8-slot modulation matrix or tweak the included 500 sound programs
  5. The Pulse 2 is a brilliant reiteration of the sounds that sparked a musical revolution, but with unprecedented control and editing capacity. The new Pulse 2 Analog Synthesizer is proof that good things come to those who wait
  6. Pulse - ReKon: VST editor for the Pulse. Demo available for download. Pulse - Rolamtech: Provides original mp3 demos and sys-ex downloads for various Oberheim, Waldorf, Yamaha and Novation synths. Pulse - Soundpool: Links to banks & patches for a variety of synth models including the Waldorf Pulse. Pulse - Synthetic-Sounds

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Following its first unveiling, the Pulse 2 sort of dropped off our radar. In the intervening months its existence was somewhat eclipsed by several other impressive releases from Waldorf - namely its excellent compact analogue synth Rocket, and its impressive debut iOS instrument Nave.So it was something of a pleasant surprise when, last month, Waldorf announced that the synth was finally shipping Waldorf Pulse 2. Discussions about anything analog, digital, MIDI, synth technology, techniques, theories and more. Not to start another VA vs. real analog flame war, but IMO the Pulse still sounds richer and warmer than something like Diva (which I own and which sounds really good) Get manuals, specifications, and demos for Waldorf synthesizers

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The version 1.02 of a TB MIDI Stuff template to edit the most basic Pulse 2 parameters from this iPad app via MIDI is here for free download. Import the unzipped file Waldorf Pulse 2 main-edit.tbms into the application folder of TB MIDI Stuff in iTunes. Be sure to select the Pulse 2 as MIDI connection in the app settings Waldorf has announced the availability of its Pulse 2, a new monophonic analog synthesizer.. Pulse 2 Analog Synthesizer is proof positive that good things can come to those that wait. For ever since this high-quality synthesizer developer discontinued its original rack-mountable Pulse and Pulse+ programmable analogue monosynths boasting ballsy bass tones and legendary leads beyond compare.

reKon audio VST Pulse Editor, plug-in for advanced controlWaldorf Pulse - Version 2

Instead, Waldorf have adopted the matrix‑style editing method, as seen on their marvellous analogue monosynth, the Pulse. With this system, the Micro Q needs just four continuous knobs to edit values selected from seven rows of parameters (the active row being shown by an LED) Waldorf has announced the availability of their Pulse 2 Analog Synthesizer, a reincarnation of the company's Pulse series. Waldorf's Pulse 2 Analog Synthesizer, an all-new Pulse fit for the 21st Century, is an all-new synthesizer design with three analogue oscillators and a VCF (Voltage Controlled Filter) The Waldorf Pulse 2 synthesiser was created as the follow up to the infamous Pulse, originally released in 1996. With an amazing set of sounds, easy to use and responsive interface and completely new design. Reviews are universally positive, with good reason, it's one of the most solid and reliable bits of kit out there today and now, being sat on your desktop, is always within easy reach Waldorf; Waldorf's high end flagship synthesizer. The Quantum combines the raw power of a classic digital & analog hybrid synthesizer, with futuristic sounds that are only possible with today's software synthesizers. The Iridium is the desktop sized unit that features the same synth architecture

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Waldorf Pulse 2 Users has 414 members. Dear Synthesiser fans! You can upload and share your music or video. We are waiting for your modulation masturbations, sequences and all your arpeggiated sounds, that you made with Waldorf Pulse 2! Share your posts or your own track, listen the video or publish articles! Welcome and Have fun Waldorf Pulse Egroups Maillist: DocTs Pulse sounds Pulse sounds and samples: Business Phone System, ATT, Used, Merlin, Avaya, Lucent We specialize in Lucent Avaya telephone systems specialist including partner acs, avaya phone, att telephones, merlin legend phones, magix telephones, system 75, voice mail.: Waldorf Pulse MP3 demos Various short mp3 demos of the Pulse in actio

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Virtual Analogue Desktop Synthesiser 128-Voice virtual analog synth with 8 parts, 2 Primary virtual oscillator groups per voice: Saw, Pulse, Noise and Wave with 4,096 waveforms, 2 Independently tunable SUB oscillators with 4 waveforms and 2.. 16-Voice Synthesizer 3 Digital oscillators per voice, Choice between the following sound generators: Wavetable, classic waveforms, granular sampler, resonator, kernel, 2 Digital stereo filters in different modes and configurations, 6 LFOs in poly..

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